Remarkable Rainforests

Year 3 this is our last half term together and then you will be ready for Year 4.

This half term we will be trying to answer the question Why do plants grow well in the rainforest? We are going to be doing lots of Science work to investigate the answer. Do you know where rainforests are?

We have already started reading one of my favourite children’s books – Peter Pan. What do you think about it? Do you like it? What would you like to do with the story? Act it out, build den’s, design your own pirates? We are also going to create poems about the rainforests and tell people why they are so important. Can you see Neverland in the picture below?


We are currently trying to discover where a plant grows best? We have learnt that it needs a seed, water and sunlight. We also said it needs soil. Does it? We are going to make our own rainforests, find out which soil is best and what lives in a rainforest. Does anybody know what lives there? Why are rainforests so important? What is happening to them?

We are going to draw and paint plants. Do you know who this artist is?


Mrs Wynne

Let’s be Roman soldiers?

This half term we will be learning about the invasion of Britian and Manchester by the Romans.

We will be making our own class newspaper and information booklet about the Romans. Maybe you could read them when they are finished.

Does anybody know why the Romans came to Manchester and Britain?

Do you know what this is an image of?

We will find out about Roman soldiers lives and comparing this to soldiers lives today. We will be making shields and having a Roman battle. Who will we battle against?

Do you know the name of this special way the Romans fought?

Can you tell us anything about the Romas?

Mrs Wynne


P.S. What have the Romans ever done for us?????

How can we be healthy at 80?

This half term we will be looking at how we can stay healthy at 80. We will be looking at what is good to eat and what a balanced diet is.

Do you know some healthy foods? Do you know what can keep us healthy?

We will be looking at the artist Arcimboldo – the man who created the famous fruit man. We are going to be making our own healthy foods and looking at the effects of exercise on our bodies. What exercise do you like to do?

We will also be looking at the story Peter and the Wolf – creating our own stories and listening to the music from the story. Do you know the story? Have you heard any of the music?


This is the painting by Arcimboldo. Could you make a picture like this?

Mrs Wynne

What is it like in Ghana?

Welcome top 2013

This half term we are learning about Ghana and the slave trade. We are also looking at materials and why we can only use some materials for some items.

We want to know the answers to the questions what is Ghana like? What is the weather like? Do they have schools? What are their houses like? Can anybody from other years tell us some of these answers?

We will be looking at the slave trade and why this happened. We will be thinking about how the Ghanaian people would have felt during this time?

Later on in the half term we will be looking at the uses of materials. Why is a chocolate teapot no good? What use is a glass hammer? Why do we have elastic in our clothing?

Could the rest of the school tell use any facts about these topics? Can year 3 share some of their fact finding knowledge?

Mrs Wynne


Can you tell me what continent Ghana is in?

Is Salford a good place to live?

Hello and welcome back,

This half term we will be looking at the question Is Salford a good place to live? In Literacy and creative work we are looking at the work of Lowry, we will be trying to create our own Lowry paintings. Do you Salford is a good place to live? Do you know who Lowry is? Can you draw like him?

We will be working on addition and subtraction skills in numeracy and looking at shapes. We will also be looking at Salford in the past. Ask Mum’s and Dad’s what it was like? Can you blog their answers? You could ask Mrs Noone or Mr Johnsen as they have lived and worked in Salford for a long time.

Later on we will helping Santa make presents using magnets and creating instructions for Christmas cards. What can we help Santa make?

We will be taking a trip to the library and hopefully to an art gallery or the Quays.

Can you find the name of this painting?

I look forward to hearing your answers.

Mrs Wynne

Welcome to Year 3

Hello and welcome to Year 3’s blog page.

This half term we are going to be learning about Ancient Egypt. We are going to be finding out about how the Ancient Egyptians lived and how the Egyptians live now. I am really looking forward to this topic and I am enjoying our book The curse of the cheese pyramid. We will be going to Bolton Museum next Monday, 17th September. I can’t wait to go to the museum, can you Year 3?

We will also be learning about shadows and creating a shadow dance and music to accompany the dance.

If there is anything you would like to find out about let me know. Year 4 know lots about the Egyptians as they did the topic last year.

Do you know who this is?

Have fun researching.

Mrs Wynne